Sunday, 13 March 2016

Competition results!

The Final competition was a huge success! Despite the issues we encountered the day before the launch, we were able to design and make last minute parts and make modifications and continued on with our launch. Lumos 1 and Lumos 2 Separated and landed in 2 different zones collecting the appropriate data! After analysing and processing the results we presented our findings to the judges. It was an incredibly close call with team Cyclone coming Third, Aurora coming Second and the Caniners coming First!

Congratulations to all the teams who participated!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pre-Competiton and Workspaces Video

With just 1 day to go until the 2016 UK CanSat competition in York, we thought we'd share a fun little video of our work spaces and unseen footage from throughout the year.
With our final can printed, assembled and programmed, we are ready to travel down to York and launch our satellite on Friday10th March!
We will update our Twitter frequently over the next few days to let you all know how we're getting on, stay tuned!